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8 Habits I Dropped to Show More Respect to My Husband

Respect is a cornerstone of a healthy and fulfilling marriage. To strengthen my relationship and show more respect to my husband, I made a conscious effort to drop certain habits. Here are eight habits I let go of to better honor and respect my husband:

1. Interrupting Him

I used to interrupt my husband during conversations, eager to share my thoughts or correct him. I realized this habit was disrespectful and prevented him from fully expressing himself. Now, I make a conscious effort to listen without interrupting, allowing him to finish his thoughts and opinions.

2. Criticizing in Public

I sometimes made critical remarks about my husband in front of others, thinking it was harmless or even humorous. I’ve learned that public criticism can undermine his confidence and show a lack of respect. I now keep constructive feedback private and focus on praising him publicly.

3. Dismissing His Interests

I used to dismiss or show little interest in his hobbies and passions if they didn’t align with mine. Realizing this was disrespectful, I began taking an active interest in what he enjoys, supporting his hobbies and even joining in when possible.

4. Making Decisions Without Consulting Him

In the past, I sometimes made decisions that affected both of us without consulting him. This made him feel excluded and undervalued. I now ensure we discuss important decisions together, respecting his input and valuing his perspective.

5. Neglecting to Show Appreciation

I took for granted the many things my husband did for our family and rarely expressed gratitude. Understanding the importance of appreciation, I now make it a habit to regularly thank him for his efforts and contributions, both big and small.

6. Being Critical Over Small Things

I had a habit of nitpicking and criticizing my husband over trivial matters. I realized that constant criticism can erode respect and affection. Now, I focus on the positive aspects and let go of the small annoyances, choosing to appreciate him for who he is.

7. Holding Grudges

I used to hold onto past grievances and bring them up during arguments. This habit prevented us from moving forward and showed a lack of respect for our relationship’s growth. I’ve learned to forgive, let go of grudges, and address issues as they arise rather than letting them fester.

8. Not Prioritizing Our Time Together

I often prioritized other commitments over spending quality time with my husband, which made him feel neglected. Now, I make a conscious effort to prioritize our time together, planning date nights and activities that we both enjoy, showing him that our relationship is important to me.


Dropping these habits has significantly improved the respect and understanding in my marriage. By listening attentively, appreciating his contributions, involving him in decisions, and prioritizing our time together, I’ve created a more respectful and loving environment. These changes have strengthened our bond and deepened our mutual respect, leading to a happier and more fulfilling relationship.